Polygon, first climate neutral restoration company in The Netherlands

Polygon is the first Dutch property restoration company to be climate neutral. Through calculating the carbon footprint, taking various reduction measures in order to reduce CO2 emissions, and by investing in a durable climate project, Polygon’s business operations no longer have any negative effect on the climate. Therefore, Polygon Netherlands (PNL) has been nominated for a sustainability award.

Sustainability is part of Polygon Netherlands’ intrinsic motivation and they have taken a leading role on this subject in their industry. Country President, Marlies van der Meulen, says, “Over the past two-and-a-half years, we have taken steps to reduce our carbon emissions. For example, we have replaced lighting, replaced our fleet with more sustainable vehicles, carried out inhouse development of sustainable cleaning products, separate project waste, save of energy in drying rooms, amongst others. In cooperation with the Climate Neutral Group, we now have taken the next step by offsetting our remaining CO2 emissions; we invest in a sustainable project for hydropower energy in India. We can now, proudly, call Polygon Netherlands a climate neutral organization!”

Polygon Netherlands first calculated the amount of CO2 emissions they produced, then several steps were taken to reduce this amount released. When reducing CO2 emissions there will always be remaining emissions that cannot be completely eliminated. Therefore, it is possible to invest in sustainable projects that reduce CO2 emissions elsewhere. The investment made in the project leads to a reduction of CO2 emissions that is equal to the remaining emissions of Polygon.

All steps taken to become a climate neutral organization have been verified by an external agency, the Climate Neutral Group. This means that Polygon Netherlands is also certified as a climate neutral organization. As a result of the efforts Polygon has taken to become climate neutral, they have now been nominated for a sustainability award. 

Sustainable plans for the future
Of course, becoming climate neutral doesn’t mean Polygon is done. They will continue to lower carbon emissions and there are various initiatives planned to help continue the process.

“We also are now looking into the possibility of a circular economy in the restoration industry. Waste can often be recycled into new products. There are still plenty of opportunities to become more sustainable, which remains an important topic at Polygon Netherlands,” says Marlies van der Meulen.

Published: 12/4/2018, 8:31 AM

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