Polygon Group is leading the way in the Swiss market

Polygon Group, the premier leader in property damage control across Europe, is expanding its operational presence in Switzerland, solidifying its position as the number one provider in the Swiss market. Through the strategic acquisitions of GlassResQ and Axis Project, Polygon will not only bolster its portfolio but also significantly enhance capabilities in the dynamic fields of glass and smart surface repair services.

Both GlassResQ and Axis Project are esteemed and leading entities in Switzerland's glass and smart surface repair industry, poised to contribute invaluable expertise to Polygon Switzerland. Their integration within Polygon will not only further elevate the company's proficiency in-house but also solidify Polygon's position as the dominant force in the Swiss market. Together with Fenster Doktor AG, they will form the division Smart Repair and report to Country President Sandro Odermatt.

“We recognize great opportunities in aligning with an international group, where our established services and accumulated expertise perfectly complement Polygon's vision. The synergy achieved through the collaboration with Polygon is paramount for us. Now, we can seamlessly offer a comprehensive service spectrum spanning insurance, property management, and architecture sectors, catering to the diverse needs of our clients in both glass and surface services,” remarked Dominic Duer, the seller of GlassResQ.

“Polygon Smart Repair perfectly captures the spirit of the times in terms of environmental protection under the motto: "repair instead of replace". The companies are a great match, and Polygon will be the leading national full-service provider of the services from the three companies in the Smart Repair Division. This integration affords us the opportunity to provide holistic solutions to insurance and real estate clients, transcending geographical boundaries,” emphasized Axel Gränitz, President and CEO of Polygon Group.


For further information, please contact Åsa Källenius, CFO of Polygon Group, at asa.kallenius@polygongroup.com or +46 (0)70 462 45 28.


Polygon is a Global Expert and the European market leader in Property Damage Control. On 3 continents and in 17 countries, + 7,800 service professionals prevent, control and mitigate the effects of water, fire and climate. Our innovative and tailor-made solutions combine people, knowledge, and technology for a wide range of customer segments.

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