Polygon Norway keeping Kristiansund hospital free of COVID-19

Polygon Norway is gaining recognition from local media for the work they have performed to decontaminate the corona test facilities at the hospital in Kristiansund for potential Corona virus.

When the health centre of Southern Norway decided to set up infection barracks to provide its employees with a secure work environment, they turned to Polygon Norway for their specialized expertise in injury remediation, infection washing and decontamination.

“The testing facilities is where the staff at the hospital are tested for coronary infection. It can be scary for those checking in for work, so it is extremely important that they know that the area is completely clean and disinfected,” says Project Leader Petter Andaas at Polygon Norway.

 “We are well prepared and equipped to handle the corona situation. We have good and safe work procedures in place that enable us to handle this type of assignments. The Corona situation is new, but working with infection cleaning and disinfection are tasks that Polygon often performs. There is a great demand for our services these days, but we prioritize socially critical functions, such as health care.”

Polygon is disinfecting the area three times every day and it takes about an hour each time.

“The first thing we do is to safeguard our own safety, wearing protective equipment. Then we always assess which procedures and methods that are suitable. This can vary from time to time. We clean with suitable and approved chemicals on infected surfaces and areas. 

Polygon are no medical experts, so they always follow the recommendations of national authorities and the World Health Organisation.

“Preparation is significant important and takes some time. In addition, after the work is done we meticulous disinfect our own equipment. All waste is treated as special waste. Polygon seals the bags and transports them to suitable, closed containers. They are then collected by a local waste distributor who handles the waste according to given rules and laws.”

 “It is important that we can keep the society going during critical times and we are happy that we can provide socially critical services for our customers,” says Petter Andaas.

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