Polygon US saves community’s irreplaceable artifacts following Hurricane Ida

As a result of Hurricane Ida this fall, the Central Chabad Library in Brooklyn, New York, experienced severe water damage. The lower level of the library flooded, causing damage to approximately 5,000 seforim and books. The quick action and skills of the Polygon US team ensured that the affected artifacts could be restored.

Many of the books were rare or unique to the library, making them invaluable. The Polygon US team used its vacuum freeze-drying process to restore the damaged items. This is the most efficient and effective method for drying wet papers and other documents. The technique enables Polygon technicians to restore water-damaged materials quickly and effectively, whilst reducing back-processing time by 20 to 30 percent.

Once the valuable artifacts were stabilised, dried, and sterilised, they were returned to the library.

“It was an honor to be a part of the process to restore valuable and cherished artifacts to the Jewish community. I am glad we were able to play a small role in the recovery and preservation of their culture and history,” says Matt DeCirce, who led Polygon US’ efforts.

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