Effective management of an indoor air problem ensure students can stay in school

Back in 2015-2017, Polygon’s indoor air researchers identified issues in Vääksy, a co-educational property, owned by the municipality of Asikkala, in Finland. Indoor air and structural surveys, conducted by Polygon at the time, identified conditions that would suggest there was an indoor air problem in the premises.

The construction of a new school was planned; however, the project was delayed due to planning consent issues. The municipality once again contacted Polygon for advice about the indoor air issue. In collaboration with the municipality, Polygon identified a solution which would allow some of the facilities to remain in use, while work to improve conditions was carried out.

Information and collaboration

The situation was gradually brought under control and conditions improved. The school’s headmaster was proactive in sharing the experiences of the staff, and the municipality was regularly updated with any issues.

Polygon installed air purifiers on site and continued their investigations. Effective collaboration resulted in an operating model that could highlight and address issues one by one.

Continuous monitoring with IoT devices

Polygon also provided the premises with continuous, remotely readable differential condition and pressure monitoring equipment to monitor air quality in the classrooms. This enabled the team to act quickly if needed, for example, differential pressure monitoring, together with a ventilation professional, made it possible to adjust the ventilation in different parts of the building as desired.

Limited disruption

Thanks to effective cooperation between Polygon and the municipality of Asikkala, the school property could still be used and there was no need to move to the planned evacuation facilities. The municipality provided replacement facilities for the most sensitive pupils.

A health check also gave the green light regarding the use of the facilities. And the result obtained from the latest indoor climate survey of students and staff was normal compared to other schools, meaning that the management measures had been very successful.


 Spreading the word

Information sessions were held for parents of pupils and staff at the school, together with the municipality, where Polygon presented details of the corrective measures, as well as studies and plans for the future. The feedback from the events has been positive.

The work continues

Renovation work on the premises continues in the oldest part of the property, even though the municipality has now received a building permit for the new school. The conditions of the premises will be monitored and, if necessary, further repairs will be made. In the coming winter season, follow-up samples will also be taken from the premises and information sessions will be held for users of the facility.

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