SPARK: The tool that distinguishes us from our competitors

In situations that are often stressful, the SPARK portal gives reassurance. SPARK was developed in close cooperation between Polygon, our digital provider, Evry, and the customer HSB.

The portal is a digital solution for property managers and their residents that features updates and information about the damage process. It’s an interactive, informative and user-friendly solution that facilitates both technicians and end users with its smart functions.

When a new assignment is registered, a message is sent to the resident containing a link to SPARK and a confirmation that an appointment with a technician is booked. Via the link, the resident can see an overview of his or her assignments together with other smart solutions, such as permitting access to the technician. They can also add new assignments directly in to the app. It’s also possible for property managers to decide what information is being shown in SPARK and thereby shown to the residents.

Cooperation creates a better dialogue
Mattias Wiklund, Sales Manager at Polygon AK and responsible for the portal in Sweden, says that SPARK was developed to create a better dialogue.

“This kind of information flow distinguishes us from our competitors. Polygon knows moisture, but we’re not alone in that field. So we asked ourselves, ‘Why choose Polygon?’, and that’s when the idea for SPARK was created”, says Mattias Wiklund.

Neither the customer nor the technician needs to actively submit information to SPARK.

“When the work order is filled and registered, SPARK activates automatically and sends a text message to the client. If the technician looks after and attends to his or her system, SPARK will be updated automatically. Neither does the client need to work in the portal; it’s simply a flow of information”, says Mattias.

The customer, Malin Eklöf, Trustee at HSB is really excited to be a part of the collaboration with Polygon.

“The benefit with SPARK is that the enquiry goes directly to the entrepreneur or Polygon. This means time saved for me which helps me to do a better job. I haven’t worked with anything like this before so Polygon is really doing something unique”, says Malin Eklöf at HSB.

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