Polygon’s End-of-Year Initiatives to Charitable Causes

2022 has been a good year for Polygon. Continued growth, and valuable acquisitions have been made. However, 2022 has also brought a large-scale war into the premises of Europe, with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Here, we see that Polygon has an obligation to help in the way we can. Therefore, we at Polygon Group have decided to support UNHCR this year, in their important mission to aid the victims of the war. Together, we can make a difference.

A devastating war, resulting in numerous deaths and many tens of thousands of people being forcibly displaced, has distinguished the year of 2022. Many feel that the war has caused a sense of instability throughout the world, with worries of the future becoming apparent.

UNHCR’s work in Ukraine

With that said, we do have a responsibility to act in the spirit of our brand promise of being ‘Always By Your Side’. By supporting UNHCR, who are on the ground in the war- struck areas of the country, we are by the Ukrainian people’s side, providing necessities such as blankets, food, emergency shelters and emergency cash assistance to families in need.

It is truly unimaginable, what horrors the victims of this devastating war have experienced. If we all work together and donate, to support these kinds of organisations, hopefully we can contribute to a safer world for everyone.

Now is the time to act. If you wish to donate personally, HERE is a link to UNHCR’s donation page. All contributions, big and small, make a difference. 

Charity work around the globe

Polygon can be found in 16 countries, and we all value donations and community work highly. Below is a collection of examples of other initiatives that we, our employees, have done across the globe.

The Tukikummit foundation is supported by Polygon Finland. The foundation prevents the social exclusion of children and young people, by being there for those who are in danger of falling out of their hobbies and social groups. Polygon Sweden donates to the UNICEF foundation, who work with children in vulnerable situations. This includes children who are victims of war, poverty and abuse.  

Polygon UK takes a different approach with a project where employees can take a day off to do charity work and volunteering. This has resulted in various good deeds by the employees, such as charity event bake sells and charity marches. The Trussell Trust - Stop Hunger campaign has also been supported by employees working a day with handing out leaflets to spread awareness. Similarly have Polygon US helped with stocking up community food banks for Thanksgiving.

Polygon Germany is since last year supporting a German campaign called “The Olper Christmas Presents for Children in Need”. By offering logistics for the production and transportation of the presents, they have helped with over 1,600 gifts that were packaged and shipped to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania and Ukraine.

Through supporting both global charity foundations, as well as local organisations, focusing on key issues, have we made contributions that we are proud of. We are grateful for the opportunity to give back and look forward to continuing this work in the years ahead.

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