Polygon´s micro shield disinfecting program enable the customers to keep up their business

In early March, the Ontario unit in Polygon Canada started a commercial disinfection service, using a micro shield disinfecting program. The micro shield program basically reduces bacteria counts in facilities for up to 30 plus days.

In most areas this program can reduce bacteria counts down to food safe levels which prevent viruses from living on any surface for up to 30 plus days, once the micro shield has been applied. Regular cleaning of high touch areas would continue as part of the program.

“Our disinfecting program provides real time testing of bacteria counts before, during and after using APT meters which provide bacteria counts. The testing is done by using surface swabs. Our clients are then provided the results to ensure the program is effective”, says John Stephenson, Unit Manager in Ontario.

In late March Polygon started discussions with one of Canada's leading auto manufacturers to provide the micro shield program to their manufacturing facilities which employ over 5000 workers.

“As part of the program with them we had to conduct on site case studies over a 30 day period to prove our program was effective in their auto facilities. We successfully demonstrated the effectiveness of using the micro shield and we now provide them with day to day data on the program, says John Stephenson.

The auto manufacturer is now working together with Polygon to implement the program into their overall life safety program.

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