Population protection services are now included in Polygon’s service portfolio

Population shelters are rarely used, but when they are needed, they fulfil an enormously crucial task. Regular maintenance and inspection of their condition are therefore required, to ensure security to the population.

Polygon Finland’s civil protection inspectors perform the necessary checks and will maintain the high standard of properties’ civil protection. The maintenance is defined and protected in Finland’s Rescue Act and the regulation on civilian shelters.

Inspections and testing of shelters

Our expert inspectors comprehensively assess the technical condition of the population shelters and performing inspections of all devices and equipment, as well as testing their functionality.

The inspection covers the following areas:

  • Markings and signs
  • Ventilation equipment
  • Overpressure gauge inspection
  • Drainage and water points
  • Entry and exit routes
  • Inspection of electric centre
  • Inspection of communication equipment
  • Condition of the protective tent
  • The quality, condition, and adequacy of the toilet equipment
  • The quality and condition of the reserve water tank

In addition, the condition and quantity of protective materials and personal equipment, including filters, are checked.

Integrity test of population protection areas

A documented leak test must be performed every ten years and stored in the building’s document base. Polygon’s inspectors all have the required qualifications to perform this specific test. The test consists controlling doors, passages, and hatches, along with raising the air pressure to reference value and measuring the pressure.

Reporting, recommended actions and training

A written report of the inspection is then prepared, which will be delivered to both the customer and to civil protection as required by law. The report consists of possible maintenance measures along side with any equipment and supply deficiencies. Polygon will handle the deficiencies and if needed, train the property owner in matters related to the maintenance and responsibilities of the shelter.

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