Problems with a leaking water pipe or leaking roof?

Polygon’s specialist teams use the latest techniques and equipment to detect and repair leaks quickly and efficiently. Our approach to detection is based on speed and accuracy, which means that only a small opening is required to repair the leaking or damaged pipe - this saves costs and keeps adjacent areas free of unnecessary damage.

If a leak occurs, it is very important that it is dealt with quickly, since up to 20 litres of water can flow from a 0.5 mm crack over the course of one hour. If the leak is not detected quickly, it can result in damage to the building structure, while also leading to the formation of rust and mould.

Techniques used for detection

Polygon’s technicians carry out extensive investigations to find both small and larger leaks and their causes. During this investigative work, several detection techniques are used as a means of ruling out potential causes and identifying other issues early in the process. This ensures the location of a leak can be identified very precisely and efficiently.


This is the most common technique, where a noise measurement is used to detect possible abnormal sounds in pipes. This method can be used in various pipes: water pipes with either cold or hot water, heating pipes and main pipes.


With this technique, a mini camera is used to provide access to very small and narrow places without the need for cutting and breaking the pipes. This method is especially useful to detect moisture problems in subfloors, shower trays and in cavity walls.


This technique employs a camera with infrared to quickly identify any possible leaks in heating pipes. This can also be applied to heat loss and leaks in flat insulated roofs.

Tracking gas

A leak in a water pipe can be very small and difficult to detect. If no other technique can be used, flowing a safe gas into the pipeline can enable the leak to be detected.

After detecting the leakage

After the detection work is completed, our specialists will draw up a report which details their work and conclusions and provides advice on how to reduce further damage. Based on this report, an insurance company or client can determine what the next steps are to fix the leak permanently. Polygon’s specialist technicians are qualified to repair the damage professionally.

Leak detection costs

The cost of leak detection services will be, in many cases, reimbursed by the insurer. For more information, please contact your local Polygon office HERE 


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