The strengths of being an international company

Whenever disaster strikes, Polygon colleagues from all over the world come together and support each other. Normally it’s Germany that assists other countries, but when extreme weather affected them with heavy rain and hail, they reached out to their colleagues in Denmark.

Extreme weather has been affecting Germany throughout June. While the Northeastern regions of Germany experienced droughts and forest fires, the South was hit by heavy rainfall, hail and flooding. In June between 1991 and 2020, the average rainfall in Germany per square meter was 85 liters. In June 2021, 250 liters per square meter fell in Southeastern Germany. But it didn’t stop there. After two days of flooding and thunderstorms in Southern and Western Germany, the German weather service warned that intense rainstorms were set to strike the North and East.

POLYGONVATRO in Germany was receiving as many as 1000 new assignments per day, and to cope with the pressure, they decided to reach out to their colleagues in Denmark for support. 

“During June, we had nearly twice as many projects as normal in a month. Being part of an international company has its advantages; during extreme events, we have over 5,500 employees to reach out to. We decided to contact our colleagues in Denmark”, says Andreas Weber, Country President of POLYGONVATRO in Germany.

After reaching out to Denmark, 19 Danish colleagues arrived in Germany and five of them went directly to Bischofsmais in the South. The remaining colleagues worked in Olpe and Cologne with water damage restoration projects. Denmark also assisted with dryers. During the week, the Olpe unit collected 1000 dryers in Denmark.


“We are happy to help. We are an international company and Polygon´s brand promise is ‘Always By Your Side’ so that is what we are”, says Yassine Ben Hamouda, Country President of Polygon DB in Denmark.

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