Together “Always By Your Side”

In July, severe flooding caused devastation throughout Europe. But through cross-border collaboration, Polygon was able to help those in need with their hard work and commitment. This recent collaboration also allowed the German and Danish teams to create strong friendships.

POLYGONVATRO is grateful for the support they received from their Danish counterparts over the past few weeks when they were faced with enormous challenges after the most recent floods. Majority of the new team worked alongside POLYGONVATRO in the west, but five colleagues traveled further South to Bischofsmais.

Even more so in moments like this, it becomes clear that together we can create incredible things, even across borders. The teams also bonded during their downtime by watching football and enjoying BBQs together. And when Germany was hit by another devastating flood, a few of the Danish team continued supporting POLYGONVATRO on site.

“It's wonderful to see that we can solve any problem together as a group and everyone is living our brand promise ‘Always By Your Side.’ We are proud that we can always rely on our colleagues! Many thanks from Germany for the great help we received from Denmark,” says Andreas Weber, Country President POLYGONVATRO.

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