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Maintaining a dry construction process

In one of Stockholm’s northern suburbs, a brand new neighbourhood is emerging on the grounds of a former military and civil airbase. When the area is completed it will have more than 5,000 new homes, plus businesses, shops and schools.

Over the span of more than a year, Polygon was responsible for construction climate control of a building complex with 246 apartments called Segelflyget. The project was a full-service contract with customer Mecon Bygg, and Polygon had both a consultative and operational role from an early phase through to the project’s successful completion in January 2015. The construction climate control project required both temporary climate solutions (controlling moisture levels) and construction drying (providing heat during the construction process). In addition, the entire process was continuously monitored using various measurements.

Polygon also helped Mecon Bygg with construction planning so that everything went smoothly and construction stayed on schedule. Swedish regulations regarding humidity and moisture levels during construction and after building occupation have become increasingly stringent. For example, concrete structures must be sufficiently dry before the next stage in the building process can begin because moisture in the building materials can lead to future health problems for inhabitants. These requirements, along with a greater awareness on the part of construction companies, provide significant growth opportunities for us. By assuming comprehensive responsibility for a project, we help our customers stay on schedule – and on budget.