A young company with a long heritage

In 1955, Swedish entrepreneur Carl Munters founded the Munters Corporation based on his initial idea to develop an air conditioning system that used evaporative cooling and dehumidification. Munters launched its Moisture Control Services (MCS) in 1985.

MCS rapidly grew into a global business throughout the 1990s with a presence in more than 20 countries. Moisture Control Services operated in a high-volume, low-value business environment that relied on large numbers of people to deliver the service. As a result, MCS never reached the profitability expectations of the parent company.

In October 2010, the MCS division was divested from the Munters Group and the Polygon Restoration group of companies was born. Wholly owned by Triton, a private equity firm, Polygon Restoration today has a strong growth agenda and a dedicated focus on property damage control. In 2012, Polygon Restoration made two strategically important acquisitions. One was the German property damage control company Vatro, which gave Polygon Restoration a significant presence in Germany and nearly doubled the size of the Polygon Restoration. The second acquisition was leading moisture control consultancy AK Konsult in Sweden.

Polygon Restoration strengthened its expertise in document restoration through the acquisitions of Rapid Refile in the US in 2012 and Harwell Technical Services in the UK in 2015. Other significant milestones include the issue of a 120 million Euro corporate bond in 2014, as well as the appointment of a new CEO, Erik-Jan Jansen and acquisition of Tinkler Bau in Austria the same year.

In 2015 Polygon Restoration acquires the Document Restoration company Harwell in the UK. In US Polygon Restoration made a strategy shift focusing on Climate Solutions and Document restoration. During the same year the Polygon Restoration model is introduced in the organisation and the new corporate website is launched.

During 2016 Polygon Restoration started the Polygon Restoration Academy, a internal leadership development programme. During the same year Polygon Restoration also introduced the new business system Metrix and launched a new corporate Intranet. In Canada we launched a Franchise model to expand our footprint. Polygon Restoration also successfully recapitalised a 60 million Euro tap issue under the existing bond.

In 2017 Polygon Restoration made six acquisitions in Sweden, Norway and France adding a total of EUR 65 million sales and over 500 new members to the Polygon Restoration family of dedicated specialists. An additional two acquisitions in Denmark and Germany were signed in the end of 2017 and were closed in the beginning of 2018.

During 2018, Polygon Restoration completed six acquisitions with total yearly sales of EUR 46 million, of which Dansk Bygningskontrol accounted for EUR 29 million. In October Polygon Restoration appointed Axel Gränitz as new CEO.

In early 2019 Polygon Restoration acquiered Tiedema in the Netherlands. The acquisition strenghten Polygon Restoration's position in the Netherlands in the areas of Leak detection and Temporary climate solutions. In March Polygon Restoration acquired Alvisa 24, one of the market leaders in Switzerland with 67 employees. The acquisition and establishment in Switzerland is an important strategic milestone for Polygon Restoration - well on track to also achieve market leadership in Switzerland.

Our roots serve us well as we continue to prevent, mitigate and control the effects of water, fire and climate.