Heating and Cooling

The use of temporary heating or cooling reduces job related risk and liability by effectively keeping all temperature related problems in control.

Polygon Climate Control offers vast knowledge, experience, and technical expertise in addressing problems caused by hot or cold temperatures such as losses in productivity and product quality.

Extreme temperatures can create havoc in the workplace – for example, processes can be delayed or even stopped completely; machinery and electrical switch stations are liable to failure, and working conditions can become increasingly difficult for employees.

We can provide advanced equipment for temporary relief from extreme temperatures in any situation. By utilizing energy-efficient equipment, we create the conditions to ensure that shutdowns are a thing of the past while providing the optimum climate to manufacture products, cure coatings, or keep employees in comfortable working conditions.

Environmentally friendly and safe, we only provide heating equipment that delivers clean and odor-free air. Additionally, the indirect fired heater is designed to provide an impressive heat rise, without compromising safety. The airstream never passes through the flame, therefore, remains clean and warm.

The benefits of a Polygon Climate Control supplemental system include:

  • Portability
  • Unique design makes the units versatile
  • Ease of on-site installation
  • Units provide continuous ventilation
  • Suitable for oil, gas, and electric heating
  • Inexpensive installation
  • Safe design
  • On-site service