We understand that in the construction industry, reputation is everything. That’s why we provide a range of damage prevention, mitigation and climate control services to support project managers in ensuring projects remain on schedule and reputations are maintained.

The success or failure of an installed floor on a new construction project is often dependent upon how dry the concrete slab was prior to installation. Whether the specified floor is hardwood, rubber, ceramic or terrazzo, moisture trapped in the concrete slab can cause unsightly and costly floor damage. In the end, moisture issues can negatively impact the overall work schedule and final completion dates creating potential financial penalties.

For over 30 years Polygon Restoration has been at the forefront of construction drying around the world. During this time we has developed temporary dehumidification equipment specifically designed for the construction environment. Rugged, compact, easily transported and quick to set up, Polygon Restoration has been providing solutions for moisture problems in slabs that is dependable and cost efficient for every construction need.