Portable Climate Control Solutions

Portable Climate Control Solutions

Polygon Climate Control offers portable climate control solutions that include portable air conditioner units, air scrubbers, spot coolers, and heaters. Our dependable and versatile equipment is ready for any job in any space. Best of all, our experts will make sure that the equipment is installed to maximize efficiency.

Why go portable?

Spaces like hospitals, IT server rooms, schools, libraries, universities, restaurants, hotels, and temporary structures can all benefit from a portable solution. These spaces tend to need quick solutions that, if need be, can be easily moved or adjusted. These solutions are also efficient and affordable. Our portable solutions are great for all of the following applications:

  • Building cooling/heating
  • Process cooling/heating
  • Retail space cooling/heating
  • Emergency cooling/heating
  • Outdoor climate control
  • Humidity control

Polygon Climate Control’s Portable Solutions

We can equip your facility, school, restaurant, or workspace with portable solutions to create the ideal climate needed at that moment. Our rugged and versatile equipment is backed by a team of experts. Our services are available nationwide, so you can have peace of mind working with the same rental equipment provider even if you have multiple locations that would benefit from our portable solutions.