Toxic Gas Monitoring and Remediation

Remote Monitoring and Control
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Actively monitor toxic gas levels. Protect people and production.

The ExactAire™ remote monitoring system can help you monitor and control toxic gas levels by providing visibility into indoor air quality parameters like PAA, CO2, and other gases. With this real-time information you can mitigate risks associated with potentially dangerous air conditions and avoid unnecessary downtime.

Our ExactAire system helps facility and plant managers continuously monitor conditions and understand how they change over time. Our gas sensors come in a range of measurement levels so that we can accurately tailor the sensor suite to the required concentration levels.

Multiple stakeholders remain informed by data dashboards, notifications and automated reports so you can be proactive every minute of every day. Go a step further by actively controlling air conditions. ExactAire Smart Controller uses sensor data to control the house ventilation system or Polygon Climate Control equipment.

With ExactAire technology you can avoid risks associated with shutdown or employee safety as well as maintain regulatory compliance.