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Polygon Restoration offers a complete range of services within the areas of property damage restoration and temporary climate solutions. We take on more than 360,000 assignments each year, helping people and businesses return to normal after damage caused by adverse events.

Our focus is on the restoration of damaged property, which is more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable than rebuilding, as well as on prevention measures. The assignments range in order value from about CAD 300 to complex jobs exceeding CAD 3 million.

Property restoration assignments take an average of ten weeks to complete. The complexity of our business is based on ensuring that our expertise is brought to each individual customer and that we manage consistent service delivery in several simultaneously ongoing assignments. Our services are categorized according to cause of damage – water, fire or climate – and the stages at which they are employed: prevention before an incident, control over a defined time period, or post-incident mitigation. The wide range of services that we offer varies depending on country and market needs.

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"Polygon Restoration is the largest provider of property damage restoration services"

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