Temperature and RH Monitoring

Remote Monitoring and Control
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Efficiently control interior climate conditions with Polygon ExactAire™

Creating and maintaining ideal climate conditions of buildings during and after construction is easy with real-time data of temperature and relative humidity (RH). Polygon Climate Control's ExactAire is a simple, scalable, and powerful solution for continuously monitoring, controlling and documenting environmental conditions.

Whether you are a superintendent looking to dry construction materials to spec or a facility manager monitoring a space for excessive humidity, understanding how conditions are changing is the first step to proactively managing a space. ExactAire continuously collects and transmits data in real-time to users via a desktop or mobile app. You can set alerts, build reports, or configure custom dashboards.

Data can also be fed directly into Polygon Climate Control's equipment to automatically turn on/off dehumidification, cooling, heating, or ventilation equipment. Actively managing equipment with real-time data produces ideal climates more effectively than using handheld devices, standalone data loggers, or rental equipment alone. A fully connected solution will more tightly control conditions, free up staff and reduce energy consumption.