Home owner

We know that suffering a water pipe leak in your home can be extremely distressing, expensive and disruptive.

 If your insurance policy does not provide for ‘trace & access’ you are left trying to find a supplier you can trust; one that will provide you with the reassurance that the pipe leak will be found and fixed as quickly as possible with minimum disruption and cost to you.

We know this because as Europe’s market leader in property damage restoration we have helped thousands of homeowners over the past 40 years, using a combination of smart technologies and even smarter technicians, to ensure you, the homeowner, is well looked after.

Our skilled technicians employ a range of technologies to find the leak fast; to find out about the technologies used, you can click here.

But all you really need to know is that we find most leaks in just one visit.And with our competitive pricing model, we really are the first choice provider of domestic leak detection services in Canada

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