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Food and pharmaceutical

Polygon Restoration engineers Temporary Humidity Control solutions which deliver cost-effective, timely and controlled environments for a number of food and pharmaceutical applications.

Whether it is to provide a temporary environment for a packaging room, to prevent corrosion in high humidity areas such as process facilities, or negate the effects of seasonal variances in humidity on production floors; our complete solutions ensure business continuity, manage risk and create the right atmosphere:

  • Independently Control Temperature and Humidity
  • Optimize Lab and Production Areas
  • Reduce Hygiene and IAQ Issues
  • Eliminate Liquid Moisture
  • Preservation of HVAC System
  • Streamline Manufacturing Runs and Product Packaging
  • Reduce Elevated Humidity Levels From Process “Wash Down”
  • Prevent Condensation and Temperature Swings that Damage Electrical Components
  • Concrete Slab Drying
  • Improved Productivity Through Controlled Worker Conditions
  • Moisture Management Planning
  • LEED Consulting
  • Accelerated Drying of Interior Coating Systems.