Ships are complex steel and composite structures that need constant protection and repair. The aggressive marine environment creates the need for regular maintenance both externally and internally.

The environment also makes it difficult to complete construction and repair projects due to excessive temperature variances and the high humidity typical of many shipyards. Temporary dehumidification and temperature control is one way to ensure that adequate conditions are provided to allow the projects to be completed on schedule without the risk of weather or condensation delays.

Polygon Restoration provides the necessary equipment to provide a climate that reduces the threat from corrosion and condensation during annual maintenance shutdowns, refit work and repairs.

Polygon Restoration temporary climate control systems provide consistent and dependable conditioned air to meet the most stringent of demands.

Our industry leading expertise, intellectual property and fit-for-purpose fleet of equipment, coupled with over 60 years of real world experience has helped some of the world’s highest profile organizations effectively manage humidity and climate control problems. Our temporary humidity control solutions deliver cost effective, timely and controlled environments whatever your application to ensure business continuity, manage risk and create the right atmosphere.

Our range of services is designed to reduce risk, mitigate against damage and optimize working environments:

  • Heating and cooling during construction
  • Climate control during surface refinishing
  • Moisture control to protect sensitive equipment during construction and restoration
  • Repair
  • Planned maintenance.