CEO message: Global leading restoration company – equipped to handle the situation


Every day, we in Polygon Restoration are relied upon by our customers to be by their side in urgent, unexpected and difficult situations. Like everyone, we are reacting fast to the rapidly changing world impacted by Covid-19. This reminds us how inter-dependent we all are, whether that’s in our families, our local towns, countries or businesses : Covid-19 does not recognize boundaries.

Clean-up of Thailand floods commences


The 2011 monsoon season in Thailand has resulted in what has been described as “the worst flooding yet in terms of the amount of water and people affected”. Beginning in late July and continuing for over three months, the floods have caused a reported 602 deaths, affected over 2.3 million people, and caused damages estimated at US$5.1 billion USD.

Hurricane Irene


When Hurricane Irene unleashed its fury in eastern Maryland one August night, the storm spared no one in its path – including Dorchester General Hospital in Cambridge, Md. Violent winds and heavy rain caused extensive damage to the hospital, requiring the evacuation of all patients and the closing of the facility for repairs. However, it was critical that the facility reopen quickly. With the help of a disaster restoration specialist, the hospital opened less than a week after the storm.

Polygon Property Restoration and Climate Solutions acquires Lora construction


Polygon Restoration Canada has today announced the acquisition of Lora Construction, a leading company specializing in the renovation of properties damaged by fire, water or natural disaster.



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