Celebrate inclusivity for Pride Month!


As the temperature rises and the vibrant spirit of Pride fills the air, it's the perfect time to embrace authenticity and diversity. At Polygon Restoration, we are excited to honor and celebrate Pride Month by promoting inclusivity across all our 16 countries. Whether you are an employee, customer, or supplier engaging with Polygon Restoration, we want you to feel welcome in an environment that prioritizes safety and is guided by our three core values: Integrity, Excellence, and Empathy.

New Unit Manager Quebec


CEO message: Global leading restoration company – equipped to handle the situation


Every day, we in Polygon Restoration are relied upon by our customers to be by their side in urgent, unexpected and difficult situations. Like everyone, we are reacting fast to the rapidly changing world impacted by Covid-19. This reminds us how inter-dependent we all are, whether that’s in our families, our local towns, countries or businesses : Covid-19 does not recognize boundaries.