Collaboration agreement that provides competitive advantages

Polygon-owned Hiotlabs signed a collaboration agreement with Labtrino AB. This collaboration utilizing Labtrino’s technology that is both easy to install and use, will make Polygon an even more attractive choice when it comes to preventing water damage.

The young company Labtrino, with entrepreneurs from KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology, has developed a water meter that measures water consumption in a property without the need to cut the pipe. A technology based on innovation from research conducted at KTH, so easy to install that the average person can handle it, even those who are "all thumbs”.

You easily attach it to the incoming water pipes without any professional expertise, which makes it easy to distribute on a broad scale says Jonas Deibe, Managing Director at Hiotlabs.

- The CubicMeter is developed with patented technology that enables plug and play installation within a matter of seconds, says Ramtin Massoumzadeh, CEO at Labtrino AB. It monitors your normal water consumption so you can learn more about your usage, and utilizes machine learning in order to detect even the smallest leaks. The CubicMeter protects your home and creates awareness so you can avoid potential water damage, save money and act more sustainably.

With this technology in place, Polygon can immediately send out a technician before the leak becomes too large, which is exceptionally useful when attempting to prevent costly leak damages.

Polygon’s aim is to transform the Property Damage Control industry by shifting the focus from mitigation towards prevention of property damage. Through our collaboration with Labtrino we will be able to accelerate our strategy and create even more benefits for both property owners and insurance companies says Caroline Finslo, Head of Business Development at Polygon Group.

The plan is for the new product to be launched at the end of 2021. To begin with, the idea is that the new collaboration will begin in the Nordic region.

- We will start in the Nordic market, says Jonas Deibe. The long-term goal though, is that this solution will be rolled out in all countries where Polygon is present to increase the competitive advantage in Water Damage Prevention.

Ramtin Massoumzadeh from Labtrino is also very satisfied with the collaboration.

- We are proud to initiate the following collaboration together with a market leader such as Polygon/Hiotlabs. We see it as proof of the need for our unique technology and its enormous potential impact when we can take advantage of our comparative advantages through this partnership.

- Polygon/Hiotlabs has continuously demonstrated an ambition to change the industry and introduce innovative solutions to extensive existing problems. We are convinced that our products will be able to add to this in a seamless way and that together we will mitigate risks in all types of buildings around the world.

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