CEO Message: Europe’s leading Restoration Company – equipped to handle the situation

Every day, we in Polygon are relied upon by our customers to be by their side in urgent, unexpected and difficult situations. Like everyone, we are reacting fast to the rapidly changing world impacted by Covid-19. This reminds us how inter-dependent we all are, whether that’s in our families, our local towns, countries or businesses : Covid-19 does not recognize boundaries.

In our company we set up a steering group, made up of senior people, to ensure we have a considered and consistent approach.  We are not medical experts, so we are following the approach of both national governments as well as the WHO.

In Polygon our first responsibility is to our people and we have adopted a 3-pronged approach to the Coronavirus situation, with them as our priority:

  • Keep our people safe
  • Ensure Business continuity
  • Use our specialist skills to help

Keep our people safe - We are assessing risk prior to our colleagues visiting a damage site.  We’re also confirming that each of our people has all the right personal protective equipment they need.  We are also supporting our colleagues as they go about their jobs, anticipating their concerns.  We do use some specialist sub-contractors and we’re ensuring that they too are not only safe but also that their businesses are OK to cope with the extra costs they’re seeing.  If they need help, we’re helping.

Ensure Business Continuity - We take very seriously, our responsibility to our valued customers.  It is vital that our business continuity plans really deliver at this crucial time, and they are.  We’re communicating regularly with customers and suppliers to confirm we’re listening and meeting their needs.  We have stopped non-essential travel, made more use of video meetings wherever possible and have switched many of our support functions to home working where we can.  We have limited how many Polygon people get together to manage risk.

Use our specialist skills to help – we are a business of knowledgeable people with specialist skills in decontamination and we will use these to make property and contents safe in a sensitive way.  But we won’t do that if it risks our people, or means we give a lesser service to our regular customers.

In Polygon, we are used to working as a team across borders whenever we need to, whatever the scale of the problem. Currently we are being contacted by people, companies and clients, who need our emergency service now, to deal with fast changing national and local needs.  And we are doing our best to adapt and deliver, as a trusted partner.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and trust in the people of Polygon Group in these uncertain times – our aim is to continue to be Always By Your Side.

Axel Gränitz
President & CEO Polygon Group

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