Extreme rain in Norway causes Polygon to call for help

Due to heavy rain in Fredrikstad, Polygon needed all the help they could get. When people from offices all over Norway weren’t enough, Denmark and the Netherlands came to the rescue.

A few weeks ago the rain started falling in Fredrikstad, Norway. This caused severe damage on buildings in the neighbourhood and the apartments became filled with water as high as almost 1.5 metres above the floor. Before Polygon can begin demolishing and rebuilding work, everything has to be aired and dried. Some apartments will have to be torn down completely, while others have only suffered minor damage.

Kim Wilhelmsen, Regional Leader at Polygon, is focusing on the damage control.
“We’re working on getting an oversight of the process. There are 350 jobs that need to be done and over 100 jobs have been added just this week, so we have much work ahead of us.”

“There are people here from many Polygon offices”

With a lot of people needing help, Polygon’s resources started to fade away. Luckily the close cross-borders collaboration is of great assistance during situations like these. Kim explains how the help has evolved.

“Right now we’re prioritising help from others. We have moved people here from all over Norway, such as Trondheim, Bergen and Lillehammer. Even people from Denmark are here helping, so there are people here from many Polygon offices. All the equipment from the central warehouse in the Netherlands has been a huge asset as well. I think we’re up at 800 machines on the project right now, counting all dehumidifiers and fans.”

The extreme weather and Polygon’s work with the project has been written about in the local newspaper, Fredrikstad Blad. They mention Polygon, our work with the extreme weather and the close cross-border collaboration.

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