Insurance companies promotes damage prevention and circular economy

According to the main business paper in Sweden, Dagens Industri (DI) insurance companies can make a significant difference for the climate with damage prevention.

The heading of the article in this week’s DI was : The companies' biggest climate fear - "a total fire emits 25 tonnes of carbon dioxide".

The insurance business is probably not the first industry that pops into your head when you think about neither businesses impact on the environment nor how the insurance companies work with reducing carbon emission together with their customers. However DI clarify that this is where a big difference can be made.

DI interviewed the four biggest insurance companies in Sweden; Folksam, Länsförsäkringar, IF and Trygghansa, DI came to the conclusion that there is a common approach - focus on Damage prevention.

“To work with their own sustainability is one thing, but the real big difference the insurance companies can do is to work with damage prevention together with their customers” – states DI.

In the article the insurance companies Folksam and Länsförsäkringar, were clear about: if the damage is not prevented, they encourage more reuse, promoting the circular economy.

Our CEO Axel Gränitz reflects on the article:

“This is really aligned with Polygons strategy of expanding the service offering from primarily restoring damages into helping our customers prevent them. Damage prevention has benefits beyond cost savings for the customers, and clearly the positive effect on the climate is one of the strongest ones.

The insurance sector is Polygon´s largest customer segment and we will be happy to continue to support our insurance customers to achieve their goals with prevention. This is part of our brand promise - Always by your side.”

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