Leading insurer nominates Polygon for sustainability award

Polygon Norway’s commitment to sustainability has been recognised with an award nomination from TRYG, one of the largest non-life insurance companies in the Nordic region.

The Tryg Sustainability Award reflects an increased focus on sustainability at Tryg, which has more than 4 million customers and handles approximately 1 million claims each year.

The company said good communication was essential when looking to deliver resource-efficient solutions in order “to control expectations, secure and motivate the customer” and to ensure the customer is satisfied with the process.

In its rationale for the award nomination, Tryg described how Polygon, from the first inspection, clearly identified the most appropriate solution and communicated this convincingly to the customer. The customer initially requested a cash settlement but instead chose to allow Polygon to repair the damage. This ensured that the job could be managed in a resource-efficient way.

A partial repair was made by replacing 4m2 of parquet flooring instead of replacing the entire 67m2 floor. This saved materials, transport, and waste, which in turn has led to reduced C02 emissions and reduced the use of new natural resources.

The citation concluded by saying: “Gaining knowledge and inspiration from this case will make a positive contribution to becoming even better at smart and resource-efficient solutions.”

“Ensuring sustainability is crucial to our future, and technology gives us the tools we need to achieve it,” says Bjørgulf Myklebust, Regional Manager of Polygon Bergen and Sunnfjord.

Learn more about Polygon’s sustainability work HERE >> 

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