Massive floodings in southern Belgium

At the end of June, southern Belgium suffered massive floodings following severe rainstorms. Thousands of houses and buildings were destroyed or severely damaged. Civilians lost many of their belongings, but thanks to Polygon Belgium some of their most valuable objects could be recovered.

In the aftermath of the disaster, Polygon Belgium was contacted to empty two large elderly homes. The water was as high as two metres on the ground floor at its peak. Everything inside the buildings was declared a total loss. Everything was removed to enable the cleaning and drying process to begin.

“As our team is trained to care about our core values of Integrity, Excellence and Empathy, we were pleased to be able to recover some of the small objects, with great emotional value, and return these to the residents of the homes,” said Thomas Greeve, Project Manager at Polygon Belgium.

Despite the complete devastation the residents were very grateful that Polygon could recover and return their wallets, pictures and other personal belongings. Because after all, it’s these items that hold the highest value to people.

The expertise and capacity to dry out a construction site after flooding, or to dry sensitive content after water damage, is a fundamental skill possessed by Polygon teams in every country within the Polygon Group. We are ready to respond at short notice to ensure that real estate and other property is restored to its original state as fast as possible. We carry out a quick assessment of the damage to enable us to prioritise and apply the appropriate services and skills.

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