One Employee – Two Countries

French-born Aymar d’Orsanne has lived in Canada for 21 years and worked for Polygon, the last two and a half years as Unit Manager for Polygon Restoration. Now he is returning to his native France – but will still remain with Polygon.

It is an expectant Aymar d’Orsanne who answers our questions when we get hold of him, just a few days before the move.

- I am very enthusiastic and excited about returning to my native country after 21 years. At this moment everything feels very positive.

Actually, Aymar had no plans to return to his homeland, but when a position as Business Unit Manager for Polygon Restoration in Lyon, France, appeared - everything fell into place. Not least because Lyon is the city he comes from, and where many of his family members still live.

- It will be wonderful to finally be able to meet the family on a regular basis. I have family left in Canada as well but will of course return at a regular basis. They will also visit me in France as often as they can.

So, what in France, besides the family, have you missed most during your years in Canada?

- Undeniably, what I missed about France was the gastronomy. I'm not saying the food in Canada isn't good, but the diversity doesn't compare! In Lyon, I can already imagine eating a good andouillette, a rib of beef with porcini mushrooms, all washed down with a good Côte du Rhône!!! Also, the harsh winter climate does not help keep me in Canada, especially when we are natives of the south of France like me.

And how about the opposite, what in Canada will you miss?
- Professionally I leave behind a great team and team spirit that we have built over the years at Polygon. My colleagues will definitely be missed. Personally, it must be said this country is so vast and beautiful and the people so welcoming which ultimately made my decision very difficult.

Being loyal to one and the same company for such a long time is unusual. What is it that has made you stay for 21 years - and remain in Polygon?
- From a young age, my parents instilled in us several core values, one of which is loyalty. Polygon, in my eyes, is the company that most closely matches me on this point. It was completely normal for me to continue working in this company which not only promotes its values but very much align with my own.

Aymar is very much looking forward to taking up his new position at Polygon Restoration in Lyon. What does he bring with him from his years in Canada?

- A lot of experience that I will use to develop the company and hopefully make it grow!

Polygon’s Country President in Canada will surely miss Aymar but at the same time wishes him all the best in his new role.

- We are truly grateful for all the good work done by Aymar in leading our Montreal team and representing our unique culture, says Mr. Fabio Bernardo.

- During these 20 years in Canada, I have been able to participate in a vibrant industry which has evolved tremendously. In that I have experienced the many iterations of innovations which have overcome challenges or fueled service development to further serve our clientele. However, my fondest memories will be about the people I have had the privilege to work with and work for. Today, a new challenge is presented to me in my country of origin and I can only be excited for a new opportunity to not only bring my abilities to Polygon France but continue my journey with this fantastic global organization, Aymar concludes.

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