Polygon Finland strengthens its position in Major & Complex Claims

Polygon Finland has joined forces with Danotec Oy and Tehokuivaus Oy to establish a Major & Complex Claims team focusing on large property damages. All three companies belong to the Polygon Group and this collaboration will strengthen both human and physical equipment resources when handling large claims.

In the event of a major damage, at least two core members of the team will be responsible for taking ownership of the affected site and mitigating secondary damage. The core members of the Major & Complex Claims team are Saku Paloaro, Juha Mäkitalo, Toni Rantala and Sebastian Eklund. They each have long and varied careers in working with water and fire damages of different sizes and complexity, and each has been involved with many situations, from residential damage to industrial incidents.

Available resources include a senior team of specialists who can be mobilized on a case-by-case basis, wherever there is a need. Thanks to the Group’s comprehensive network of offices, professional resources in the damage sector are quickly available on-site across Finland. The Major & Complex Claims team also has access to the national equipment resources of Polygon, Danotec and Tehokuivaus. The service includes both damage prevention and comprehensive fire restoration, with an emergency water and fire damage helpline available 24/7.

If necessary, additional resources can be available from Polygon Group’s Major & Complex Claims Centre in Germany within approximately 48 hours. The Centre’s resources include around 3,000 damage professionals and 30 equipped, large damage trucks. There is also three Polygon Technical Centres in Germany, used for cleaning and repairing damaged machines and equipment. Polygon's Major & Complex Claims Centre has successfully served Polygon Group's customers across Europe, together with local sister companies. There have also been several joint cases in Nordic countries, such as factories, production facilities and large companies.

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