Polygon intervenes in hurricane - hit Guadeloupe

In mid-September 2022, the tropical storm Fiona had her sights set on the northern Caribbean islands, with the French territory of Guadeloupe directly in her path. As disaster struck, the area experienced heavy rainfall and vigorous winds. Following the events, our Polygon France team intervened in Guadeloupe to help.

The project revolved around a cardboard factory that had been impacted by the storm. Water damages and substantial mud coverage of the factory was apparent. The sensitive equipment and technology that was used in the production processes had also sustained damages, that had to be fixed, so that the business of the factory could continue.

Polygon’s role here was first off to decontaminate the impacted machines and equipment, but also to clear out mud and dirt from the factory spaces. In order to maximise the efficiency of the team, different work areas were set up to divide and conquer the project as fast as possible.

Since the water had infiltrated the machines on a deep level, dismantling the parts was a necessity to be able to decontaminate the entirety of the equipment. Thanks to Polygon’s expertise in handling sensitive machinery, this delicate work was no problem for the team.

Overall, the project was a success, and the factory was handed back to the owners ready to continue with their production enterprise.

It all goes to show that Polygon is Always By Your Side, no matter the situation.

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