Cross-Border Collaboration Shines in the face of Major Damage

In late summer, the Tessin region in Switzerland was struck by a devastating natural disaster as strong hailstorms, followed by heavy rainfall, wreaked havoc on the area. The consequences were devastating, with numerous properties severely damaged by the storm. However, in the midst of this crisis, the international collaboration of Polygon came to the forefront and demonstrated its strength.

Thanks to the global resources and expertise of Polygon Germany, the restoration and drying measures on the affected buildings could be efficiently carried out.

An outstanding example was the drying of a 3,000 square meter flat roof, which required the coordinated effort of various professionals. Initially, ventilation openings were created in the roof membrane by experienced roofers. Using a construction crane, the necessary materials for the drying measures were then lifted onto the flat roof and installed and activated by the staff under the direction of Marc Geissmann, Head of Complex Claims of Polygon Switzerland and Sandro Sargenti, Regional Manager of Tessin, Switzerland. Adsorption dryers and fans were set up in the affected hall to ensure drying in areas such as the foyer, bistro, kitchen, dressing rooms, and sanitary facilities.

Logistics played a crucial role by swiftly and efficiently transporting the required equipment from the central warehouse of Polygon Germany to the site of operation. This coordinated action illustrated the strength of international collaboration within the Polygon Group, which ensures an effective and comprehensive solution even in major damages like this.

"The close collaboration between Polygon Switzerland and Polygon Germany is a prime example of the strength of our global network and our commitment to supporting our customers in times of need and challenges," emphasized Sandro Odermatt, Country President of Polygon Switzerland.

In addition, Andreas Weber, Country President of Polygon Germany, stated, "In such moments, the importance of close and rapid collaboration across borders becomes evident. We are proud to contribute to assisting the affected communities and customers in Tessin."

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