Polygon in collaboration with Copenhagen's Emergency Services

Polygon Denmark has won a tender for a 4-year-long contract with the Copenhagen Municipality, where Polygon will work alongside the fire emergency city services. A valuable tender, including much important work in the future for Polygon Denmark.

In Denmark, Polygon is among the largest players in claims services, special cleaning and moisture engineering with 15 departments throughout the country, including two departments specialised in technical claims services.

The contract will include an emergency parallel effort, and claims service, in collaboration with Hovedstadens Beredskab (HBR), which is the name of the emergency fire services in Copenhagen. Where disaster has struck, Polygon will be assisting HBR with qualified personnel, including additional smoke divers, who can work alongside HBR. Furthermore, important equipment for climate control will be made available by Polygon to salvage as much as possible in these claims.

Both in connection with, and after HBR's efforts, Polygon will provide claims services for fire, water and other weather damages.

"Our knowledge of HBR in the emergency sector, through many joint efforts, underlines how important a strong collaboration is for the final result", says Polygon’s Claims Manager in the Greater Copenhagen region.

"We wish Polygon congratulations on the agreement and look forward to a good collaboration", the Copenhagen Municipality expresses.

Assisting the Danish capital’s emergency services is an important job, which requires years of knowledge and skills. Luckily, there is plenty of experience throughout our vast organisation.

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