Polygon keeps golf crowds cool at European Tour for ninth year in a row

Polygon Germany has risen to the challenge of keeping guests cool at the prestigious BMW International Open golf tournament for the ninth consecutive year.

Polygon is the exclusive supplier of air conditioning at the German stop of the European Tour, where guest tents spread over the grounds present an extensive challenge for the organizers due to the changeable weather and shifting temperatures from early morning to late evening. The tents maintain a constant temperature of 23 degrees despite the doors being open for guests.

Tents place high demands on air conditioning

"Due to the vast uninsulated surfaces, such tents are extremely sensitive to temperature fluctuations," explains Oliver Dürr, Head of the air conditioning and heating department at Polygon in Munich. 

"Without our measures for event air-conditioning, it would quickly warm up to well over 50 degrees inside if the sun was shining brightly. We must also consider the heat emitted by the headlights, the people in the tent and the kitchen appliances in our planning.

The largest and most powerful air conditioners in Polygon Germany’s reserve, which can both heat and cool, achieve a peak output of 38KW, weigh 633kg and circulate 9,000m³ of air in one hour, offering quite incredible levels of performance.

The technology should be as invisible as possible

Six large air-conditioning units as well as several smaller units are in use at the tournament to ensure the right temperature in the tents. Since great value is always placed on creating the appropriate image at such an event, it is important to integrate the required technology into the scenery as invisibly as possible. For this reason, Polygon Germany works closely with the organizers and the technical manager at the planning phase to ensure an aesthetically pleasing view.


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