Polygon manages aftermath of apartment building fire in Porvoo, Finland

An alert was issued to Polygon’s 24/7 emergency service on Wednesday, October 27 at 5:36pm. A three-storey apartment building in Porvoo had caught fire. Two-thirds of the roof structure was burnt and, as a result, two of the three stairwells suffered water damage caused by extinguishing the fire. It was a big fire involving several units in Porvoo, Central Uusimaa and Helsinki, Finland.

Determined to minimise damage

When the first Polygon responder arrived at the scene, work to evacuate and shut down the building was in its final stages. Polygon's foreman inspected the site with the on-call firefighter to determine the extent of the damage and the strength of the post-damage prevention team needed. Polygon's team of more than 10 people worked resolutely to minimise secondary damage, e.g. by vacuuming pools of water from corridors and dwellings, dismantling necessary structures, protecting the dwellings and installing drying.

Clearance of fire waste and construction of weather protection

After a meeting the next morning, Polygon took steps to build a weather shelter on the roof. A crane and waste bins were ordered for the site, where the remains of the burnt roof were collected. Wet wool insulation was removed with a suction car. After this was cleared, the Polygon team built a weather shelter on the roof.

Three days after the first visit, the most urgent JVT work had been taken care of, the roof had been cleared and a weather shelter had been built.


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