Polygon Netherlands expands service portfolio with addition of drone inspections

Polygon Netherlands has further extended its digital service offering through the addition of drone inspections, providing customers with a faster and safer method for damage inspection without compromising cost or effectiveness.

During a drone inspection, high-quality photos and videos are taken of the location, structure, or building.  Cost-effective, safe, and fast, it has become an increasingly popular tool. On this page you can read more about what a drone inspection is, when to use it, the role of thermal cameras, and what to expect when Polygon carries out a drone inspection on your behalf.

What is a drone inspection?

Drone inspections are a modern solution for visual inspections of hard-to-reach places or unsafe locations, such as disaster sites, chimneys, and unsteady buildings. Where in the past these situations required various materials and manpower, such as lifts and professional climbers, in many cases a drone equipped with a camera is now more suitable. At Polygon, all drone inspections are carried out by trained professionals.

When can a drone inspection be used?

A drone inspection can be useful in a variety of situations. The images made by the drone and the advice given by the technician will give the customer an insight into the status of the building or location. After the inspection, a decision can be made about whether follow-up actions are necessary and, if so, what should be done. Drone inspections can also offer a lot of added value in difficult and chaotic situations, such as disaster sites, where they provide a quick and effective overview of the site in a safe manner.

Benefits of drone inspections:

  • A drone inspection is often more cost-effective than more traditional inspection methods.
  • A drone inspection allows for locations and places that are difficult to reach or even inaccessible without a drone to be accessed relatively easily.
  • A drone inspection saves time and, in many cases, only takes between one and two hours (excluding preparation and follow-up work)
  • A drone inspection is safer than traditional inspection methods of hard-to-reach locations.

The use of thermal cameras in drone inspections

In addition to regular cameras, we also regularly use thermal cameras during drone inspections. These are beneficial in the detection of heat leaks or for the timely detection of heat or overheating in structures, buildings or on locations. This application highlights how using a drone during an inspection opens many new possibilities.

Drone inspection at Polygon

  1. When a drone inspection is carried out by Polygon, we arrange all matters concerning permission and health and safety, including licenses and any other permits needed.
  2. Together with our professional technician, the customer will discuss beforehand what needs to be inspected and what the specific concerns are.
  3. Then the inspection starts. In many cases this takes between one and two hours.
  4. After the drone inspection, the customer will receive an extensive report with the findings of the drone inspection and recommendations from our technician. Of course, this includes the photos and /or videos taken during the drone inspection.


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