Partnership between Plastic Surgeon and Zurich UK helps the planet

Zurich Insurance Group, a global leader in property, casualty, and life insurance products, discusses their partnership with the Polygon-owned business, Plastic Surgeon. The global leader is working towards becoming one of the most responsible and impactful businesses in the world. Plastic Surgeon’s sustainable damage management approach is helping Zurich to achieve this environmental agenda by restoring instead of replacing damaged items, reducing its impact on the environment.

Zurich Insurance Group recently published a video where they discussed their partnership with Plastic Surgeon, the UK’s largest surface repair specialist, and the sustainability impact of their restore vs replace offer, and what it means for their customers.

Plastic Surgeon is delighted to work with Zurich to promote a restoration over replacement option for surface damage claims and is looking forward to helping the UK organisation to make a difference to their environmental target as they work together to reduce landfill waste. 

Watch Claire Varney, Property Technical Claims Manager, and Robert Ford, Property Claims Vendor Manager at Zurich UK, discuss their partnership with Plastic Surgeon:

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