Polygon Netherlands strengthens its position in Major & Complex Claims

Polygon Netherlands has already successfully carried out several Major & Complex claims over the years, but now they are looking to take the service to the next level.

As a result of Polygon’s growth strategy and also the market requirements, Polygon has decided to start up a new service line in the Netherlands – Major & Complex Claims. The new service offering will contain a new team of existing and experienced employees, as well as some new team members, with the plan being to appoint two technicians from each establishment. They will form a specialist group of approximately 20-25 people, spread across the Netherlands, who will be able to take on major claims and reacting to and handling jobs immediately, working with the client as quickly and efficiently as possible. When there are no large scale jobs, these employees will act on 'normal' projects.

“We see a huge potential in the market with sufficient Major & Complex Claims. With the new team and Polygon’s network, it will be possible to take on more in the Netherlands. We are looking forward to tightening the contacts with other Polygon countries to cooperate cross-border, for example Germany, because of their knowledge and experience within Major & Complex Claims. I will develop the team and be the fixed point of contact for our customers,” says Rob van Ballekom, the new Manager for Major
& Complex Claims.

Rob van Ballekom has been working at Polygon for 14 years, spending the last two years working on the other side of the table, as a loss adjuster.

“I am proud and happy to return to the (international) Polygon family and to deliver top performances together again, assisting and relieving victims of major damages; both business and private, and to think in terms of solutions instead of problems. You cannot make me happier than working hard with attentive employees to achieve the desired result quickly through short lines of communication, quick thinking and flexible response to unexpected situations.” 

Polygon continues to prove itself in the Netherlands as the specialist in this field. The European network of Polygon will ensure that the Netherlands has an effective and specialized team of technicians ready for when major damage occurs, 24/7, whether it concerns a major fire damage, water damage, or complex project with technical reconditioning.

“By acting quickly, firmly and in perfect cooperation with the Polygon family, we can ensure that an affected company can be operational again as soon as possible after a major fire or water damage,” says Rob.

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