Polygon opens temporary emergency depots to support flood hit community

In light of the recent floods that have affected homes and businesses in Cumbria, Polygon, the European market leader in property damage restoration, has opened two new temporary depots in Carlisle. The main 4,000 square foot depot was operational within three days of the flood hitting and fully stocked with an array of drying equipment in less than a week. This equipment is now in the process of being deployed to homes and businesses within the community.

To ensure that they were able to meet the high demand, Polygon was able to call upon additional kit from their reserved European flood fleet. This extra stock, which is on standby for large scale incidents, can be deployed throughout Europe within 24 hours and is a unique feature to Polygon’s portfolio, enabling faster and better support for the community. Thousands of pieces of additional kit has been pulled from this reserve stock including dehumidifiers, fans, heat mats and speed drying equipment. Now that the flooding has subsided and Polygon have pumped out the excess standing water, their focus will be on the restoration of people’s properties and personal affects to enable them to return back to their homes and daily lives as quickly as possible. 

In a flooding incident many items that carry sentimental value, such as photographs or paintings, are often damaged which can be devastating as they are irreplaceable. Polygon is able to offer an industry leading document restoration service as part of their portfolio, enabling many of these items to be restored to pre incident condition. 

In addition, Polygon also provided a welfare van, located in Carlisle, from which they provided tea and coffee for those affected by the flood. Polygon’s experienced team was available to help guide residents and business owners through their claim and advise on their property damage restoration services.

Managing Director of Polygon UK, Jeremy Sykes commented, “When a large scale incident like this hits a community we, like many others, feel compelled to support in any way we can. Whether it is through deploying our equipment, using industry leading technology, or by being available to offer advice on next steps for home and business owners, we are Always By Your Side.” 

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