Polygon owned Hiotlabs featured in Channel Asia

Hiotlabs featured in Channel Asia documentary segment regarding students at National University of Singapore, a world-renowned leading institution of higher education, doing their internship at entrepreneurial hotspots.

The National University of Singapore (NUS) has during many years been working towards developing entrepreneurship worldwide. Student internships is an important part of this work, leading to ideas and knowledge being shared between all parties. Hiotlabs, being a cutting- edge tech company, has during several years been in partnership with the university, welcoming NUS interns to their innovative field.

Channel Asia, one of the leading Asian media outlets, featured Hiotlabs’ collaboration with NUS on their documentary special “Startup university”. The episode focused on the NUS internship program with startup companies, and how it contributes to an entrepreneurial way of developing the students’ knowledge and skills.

“We have had a successful collaboration with NUS since 2018, with interns joining us in Stockholm at multiple times. We strongly believe in the power of combining forces with the academic world, where we support skilled students in taking their first steps into the business world whilst they provide us with great insight and a new perspective. As Hiotlabs is a quickly growing scale-up, we are thrilled to welcome an intern from Singapore to join our global growth journey,” says Daniel Shnira, Managing Director at Hiotlabs.

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