Polygon’s secret star – cheering on a global marathon runner

Anca Istrate is ranked within the Top 10 female marathon runners in the world. Anca secured first place in a race in Bucharest recently, with an outstanding time of 2.55.10 in her category.

Anca’s ‘day job’ involves working at Polygon Switzerland´s own laundry cleaning company, Lucy Look. Anca handles everything from tenders and invoices, to receiving items and arranging for their return to customers.

Why did you take part in the marathon? 
How many sides does a polygon have? Says Anca with a smile. The answer could be complex, but the easy answer is, at least three. So, I have at least three main reasons: Firstly, the whole training process has been structured and disciplined my entire life – I have become an expert in time management, which is a very powerful attribute. Secondly, I run because I enjoy running. I like to feel fit and healthy. And finally, of course, because I love challenges and competitions. 

Why do you think you did so well? 

This result was quite expected. I prepared for this race throughout the summer. The beauty of running is that you can measure your progress – in numbers, not in feelings or sensations. And even if not linear, your progress can be strictly monitored, and then training can be adjusted accordingly. I received backing and support from my family, my manager and all my colleagues at Polygon. 

Has your success been influenced by your work at Polygon in any way? 

I received a lot of support at work. My manager, René Hofmeier, gave me the freedom to manage my work and workload, flexibility in my work time, and most of all trust. I was able to structure each working day to allow me to train at a time that suited me. I´m also working with a great team. We have known and supported each other for a long time, and we have learnt that no one is perfect. We have been through a lot together and have become a strong team as a result.


Photos by: Bucharest Marathon

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