Polygon wins Major and Complex Claims assignment in Norway

Following a huge fire in mid-March, in one of Norway’s biggest power stations, Polygon Norway was called in by Statkraft.

The power station in the West of Norway is located more than 1km into the mountains. The hydraulic unit for the water cooling systems had burnt out leaving a "greasy" soot coating on all surfaces, including machines, electrical cabinets and turbines. Polygon will clean a 17,500m2 area of the power station.

Polygon won the job in hard competition with one of its competitors. One week after the first call, 12 Polygon technicians arrived on the site and began the installation of dehumidifiers, critical machines and components as well as protective oil. Over the next days and weeks infrastructure, machines and equipment will brought to site, Polygon will mobilize more than 50 highly skilled fire and technical recondition specialists to work on site in day and night shifts.

Due to the COVID-19 threat, the municipality has strict restrictions on travel, stay and work, but since this is a socially critical industry, which supplies power to the population Polygon has been granted an exemption to enter the municipality under strict conditions.

Health and safety is of most importance for Polygon. Therefore Polygon has together with the corporate health service devised special guidance, so that they do not expose employees, customers or local people to corona infection.

“We work with cleaning and disinfection on a daily basis and have good procedures for how we handle it. But this is a special job and people should live close together. We engaged Stamina Health, which has been on site to prepare good procedures for us to prevent contagion. This applies to breaks, as well as how we should relate to each other during free time, says Øyvind Hansen, Region leader in Polygon Norway.

The customer Statkraft is also supporting with strict regulations, good routines and practices to avoid the risk of infection.

For further information please contact:
Ståle Karlsen, Region leader Major and Complex Claims, Polygon Norway
E-mail: stale.karlsen@polygongroup.com
Phone: +47 922 321 31

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