Polygon’s annual awareness of International Anti-Corruption Day

Fact is that no country, region or community is immune from corruption and the main objective with the International Anti-Corruption day is to raise awareness about the negative effects of corruption and the need to prevent and fight it.

Polygon aims to conduct its business practice ethically and with integrity. One of our most important values is Integrity; we promise to be honest, accountable and reliable. Having colleagues who are knowledgeable about anti-corruption and how this applies to them and their roles ensure that Polygon's reputation and brand are protected, and Polygon remains compliant with anti-corruption laws.

Based on our values of Integrity, Excellence and Empathy, Polygon is committed to the principles of fair competition. This includes our commitment to compete for business through the quality and price of our services, and not by offering improper advantages or benefits to others.

In 2019 Polygon Group created a new E-Learning module to provide all Polygon colleagues with the knowledge to remain compliant with Anti-Corruption laws. The module has been translated into local languages and going through local quality assurance checks before they're released. The E-Learning module uses case study scenarios to provide practical and potentially real-life scenarios in how the Guideline may apply to our employee’s s in their normal working day.

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