Polygon’s recycling project helps people around the world

Discarded, damaged furniture that is in a condition where it is not profitable to renovate is now getting a new lease of life thanks to a recycling project in Polygon Denmark. In the future, this is hopefully an initiative we will see being introduced across Polygon, globally.

Since August last year, recycling and re-using has been on the agenda of a project in Denmark. Polygon Denmark, in collaboration with their biggest customer Topdanmark Insurance, and the emergency aid organisation Folkekirkens Nødhjælp, has started a project where damaged furniture is renovated instead of thrown away. Content that has been discarded by the insurance company, but is still usable, is given to charity.

“Lots of furniture is discarded after water damage as it is not profitable to renovate. However, some of these items are still in good enough condition and can be reused, either as they are, or with a little renovation. In this way we support Folkekirkens Nødhjælp around the world and at the same time avoid the furniture being lost in combustion.” says Anja Jensen, Executive Assistant at Polygon in Denmark.

The discarded items are sorted, and Polygon then stores any usable furniture. When the storage container is full, the emergency aid organisation is called. 

“It’s the charity organisation who decides if they have the extra resources in their stores around the country for the project. They come when they are ready to receive items and take what they can sell in their charity shops. Their shops are operated 100% by volunteers so all profits go to emergency aid around the world.”

In the future, this is hopefully a project that many more Polygon offices can embrace. Anja thinks that the job that is done is nothing compared to the result you’re getting, and believes that anyone can make a difference.

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