Rain gutters - your house’s moisture protector

While cleaning the rain gutters on your house may not be the most exciting activity, it's a crucial step in maintaining proper moisture control. Don't let this vital task fall by the wayside - keep track of your gutter maintenance and watch your home stay dry and healthy.

Have you recently – or ever, taken the time to check the functionality of your rainwater system? If not, it might be a good idea to do it now to ensure everything is in good working order.

The purpose of the rain gutter

We at Polygon know exactly how important the gutters are for a house’s moisture management. Often, we see cases where defective gutters are strong contributors to water damages, mould problems and decaying houses.

When rain falls on the roof, and rolls downward, the gutters catch the water and redirects it away from the directly surrounding soil of your house. Without the system, or with a defective one, the water rolls down the sides of the house, compromising the moisture integrity of the building.

What can I do?

Just follow these simple tips to help keep your rainwater system functional.

  • Regularly clean the gutters and tusks, once each spring and autumn.
  • Are they constantly leaking or clogged? Replace them!
  • It is especially important now during the winter, to check so that the gutters are strong enough to support the large amounts of snow and ice that can accumulate along them. If not, they may need to be enforced with stronger materials.
  • Make sure that the tusks direct the water a bit away from the bottom walls, or to a separate water system.


If you are experiencing moisture problems in your home, we at Polygon are Always By Your Side, to act as your helping hand. With our wide range of services, we can carefully investigate and mitigate any issues with moisture that may arise. Contact our team in your specific country for further assistance. For further information on our services in Water Damage Prevention, click HERE

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