Think dry

The Swedish construction industry is facing tough challenges when it comes to environmental protection, energy and moisture protection. Standards are high and construction firms can save money by improving their skills in these areas. Specifically, by working with humidity control during the entire process, it is possible to build faster, better and more economically.

Enter Polygon: To prove this point, Polygon offered its services to a construction company that had just been awarded a contract to build a new school in a suburb of Stockholm. This involvement proved to be very useful. Polygon immediately discovered that the original drawings were inadequate and needed to be reworked at the drawing board. Polygon also found out that the concrete to be used needed two years to fully dry! Obviously, a change was urgently required.

These examples illustrate the expertise that Polygon’s Centre of Excellence for Moisture Control brings to a project. With professional and effective consulting, major advantages can be achieved from both the short and long-term perspectives. In the end, Polygon estimates that this specific construction company can reduce their costs by 3-5 percent by taking advantage of our skills through the entire building process, from the feasibility study to completion of the building. And, most importantly, to the benefit of the pupils occupying the building – they will spend their long learning days in healthy premises.

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