Cases – Water, Leak detection

Empathy at work

When an older English woman returned home after a short trip, she was greeted by a very unpleasant surprise: her boiler had sprung a leak, causing extensive damage throughout the house. But what started as a disaster for the woman ended on a happy note for everyone involved. We are always by our customers’ side!

Fast and efficiently
Eight rooms were seriously water-damaged, as were several pieces of antique furniture and valuable oil paintings. The woman’s insurance company immediately contacted Polygon and our claims adjuster was quickly on the spot to handle the problem. In no time, an electrician was called in to reinstall electricity so that the drying process could begin. An expert was also appointed to restore the antique furniture and another specialist to start rescuing the oil paintings.

Empathy and cost efficiency
So far, our Polygon expert had “only” done what was expected. Fast and efficiently. But there was not only a practical problem to be solved, but also a human one. The woman who owned the house had a severe visual impairment. She was therefore afraid to stay in temporary accommodation while her house was being restored. When asked if there was anywhere she would feel safe, she explained that she had a holiday home in France, where she also had friends who could help her. Said and done. Our Polygon specialist carefully calculated the cost of a stay in France for the woman, including all transports. This actually turned out cheaper than the standard solution for temporary accommodation at a hotel. Naturally, the insurance company had no objections. Everybody involved smiling at the end. Always by our customers’ side!