Cases – Document restoration

Partnerships based on trust

In our knowledge-based society, managing and safeguarding physical and digital information assets is a vital part of an organisation’s backbone. Polygon works with several important clients in Europe and North America to provide document restoration services that include document drying and cleaning. Many of our customers choose not to store documents in their facilities that may be wet or suspect to being affected by water, smoke, fire or mould. This is where Polygon is engaged to restore all types of media, such as books, x-rays, papers or microfiche.

When Polygon receives a call from a customer that has experienced a flood or fire, or if damage has occurred due to inappropriate storage, Polygon mobilises a crew to remove the materials from the site, itemising them in an inventory list. This list helps the customer in two ways; to confirm the number of boxes and volume of documents removed from the site, as well as to allow the customer to identify which files are active and which are non-active.
The wet documents are placed in freezer storage to prevent further deterioration. If document cleaning is required, the documents enter the cleaning chamber where technicians remove dirt and debris from the paper using various methods and processes. Once the process is complete, the documents are placed into new clean boxes, labelled and returned to the customer’s facility.

We also work with a number of different partners to provide imaging, storage or secure destruction in order to meet our customers’ needs.